Sbu Ndebele Is A Poes

Car-Life’s Doos of the Year, Minister of Transport Sbu Ndebele has ended the year on a high: by ordering cops to confiscate peoples drivers licenses.

MG reported:

Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele has called on traffic police to confiscate the licences of traffic offenders on the spot as a “desperate” measure to keep the death toll on South Africa’s roads down — despite a steady decrease in the number of people killed in road accidents during the festive season over the past two years.

Apparently Sbu the Doos doesn’t seem to care that what he is doing is illegal and unconstitutional. His department are reportedly “ready to face any consequences as a result of the desperate action to curb road deaths.”

Sidenote: Here is a quick list of Sbu’s bright ideas for 2011 that won him the Doos of the Year award:

  • Open road tolling WILL go ahead even though the correct process forĀ implementingĀ it and selecting a service provider wasn’t followed
  • Stating that goverment officials will not be paying the open road toll fees
  • Saying that lowering the speed limit to 100km/h will reduce road deaths without realizing its drunk driving and overloading that could be curbed without any speed limit changes.
  • Accusing a speeding biker of actively trying to run down and kill a traffic officer.
  • Wanting to unconstitutionally remove peoples drivers licenses.

Nice cartoon (Thanks MyNameIsJerm)

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