Thanks for 2011!

Ken Blocks Congrats

Here is the obligatory thank you post for 2011. I don’t know why I said obligatory, because I have loved this year. You guys rock.

Without sounding cheesey and shit, without you, the readers, there would be no blog. Some highlights from this year:

These points made my year. It means I’m getting the blog where I want it to be: At a level that lets me drive supercars like a hoon. On the flipside, 2011 was hit by some major downers, which didn’t ruin the year, but ruined the months they happened in.

  • Sbu Ndebele went from “annoying asshole” to “poes of the year” for his views on speeding, legalities and the open road tolling.
  • Ryan Dunn lost his life. I really digged this dude. Steve O and him always competed for craziest Jackass stat, while Bam and Knoxville stood and watched.

So as the sun sets on the last working day of 2011, remember for 2011: Be responsibly irresponsible. Get insanely drunk at your friends house so you can just pass out. Don’t go out. I’m skipping Fokofpolisiekar this year to go the responsible route and get irresponsible at a mates. Its just better.

Love you all! Till next year!

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