Car-Life LIVE! and Coding Update News – Awesome!

Over the last few days, I’ve been blogging less because some very rad stuff has been happening behind the scenes at Car-Life.

So firstly, there is the Car-Life LIVE! Launching on Wednesday which is a completely awesome, not at all dreary YouTube show. We’re featuring the news this week, starting things off. There is the LF-A launch, Volvo Polestar division coming to SA and the new Captiva. But keep watching. There are some very very rad ideas in the pipeline for Car-Life LIVE!

Then there is some work on the sponsorship front, organizing things for Oppikoppi. For anyone interested, we are off to ‘Koppi, staying in Kreef hotel. Lots of posts coming for the most epic festival in SA’s music calendar.

Finally, is the true ‘behind the scenes’ tweaks. The blog has been tweaked to run the latest release of HTML5. This means you’re going to need the latest browsers to get the best out of it.  Along with the coding change, the categories have all been remapped. Almost all of the previous posts have been allocated into “Old Posts” and new posts fit into the remap. The remapping includes:

  • News: Does what it says on the tin. The news from the car world, ranging from industry news which no one cares about, new cars and custom cars all on their way.
  • Reviews: The first car for review arrives tomorrow. It’s a family hatchback. Not the most exciting start, but lets work with it.
  • Matt: Stories and posts originating from me. So Friday Jams, stuff I like and want, brands I dig and any columns will go here.
  • Life: The core of the blog. Fails, successes, people doing awesome things, crazy cars and great ads. This is what being a petrolhead is about. The cult of cars.

I hope you guys love the tweaks we’ve put in.  The blog is gradually becoming the epicentre of South African petrolhead awesomeness.

Matt out!


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