Group B Rallying Returns

Group B Rallying was the fastest, craziest and most dangerous category of rallying until it was outlawed in 1986. Now it’s back.On 25-26 August, there will be a five-venue rally in Cheshire, England, open to Group B cars. There are already over 60 entrants, reports EVO Magazine.

Even with its associated deaths, Group B didn’t have to get cancelled – the problem wasn’t the cars (though they could have been made much stronger), but the fans lining the rally courses, which were too long, too tiring, and too dangerous in the first place. Many of the cars migrated to rallycross, where they’d drive in half-dirt/half-tarmac circuits. No spectators to crush, no cliffs to jump, no trees to hit. They’ve been running since the ‘80s and there’s plenty of race footage online.

While the Rallye Groupe B this August will be the UK’s only multi-venue Group B event, it’s not like the cars have been in hiding since they were banned.

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