Things All 18 Year Old Drivers Do

Where a lot of young people started - the Citi Golf

Daily we are all confronted by the deadliest road hazard known to man. More dangerous than a road full of cobras. More dangerous than rabid taxi drivers. These are the young men of the world who have just gotten their license.

Dangerous as they are, all males were once one of these lifeforms and all had similar horrific driving habits. Here are some that I’ve noticed: Continue reading

Review: Corsa Colour 1,4

Something I have noticed from watching, listening to and talking to car journos is that they tend to forget the more practical sides of buying a car. Depreciation, reliability, brand loyalty. They concern themselves with driving fast cars far too fast. However, 95% of the new car market is made up of hum-drum cars. So, on that note, I present the Corsa Colour. Continue reading