CAR Shootout | Audi RS3 Sportback

Audi RS3

Audi introduced their RS3 Sportback this year as a swansong for the current A3 range. Powered by a 2,5T engine pushing out 250 kW, its a competitor for the BMW 1 Series M Coupe. Continue reading

CAR Shootout | Polo GTi


Wrapping up the hot hatch sector (Excluding the RS3 which I dub a super-hot hatch) is the VW Polo GTi. Took one on date drive with the insanely sexy Aleksa. It impressed me there, although I didn’t really get a chance to thrash it. Continue reading

CAR Shootout | Renault Clio RS Gordini

Renault Clio Gordini RS

We have the second entry from France: Ranaults Clio RS Gordin. Think of it as a Clio RS +1. Continue reading

CAR Shootout | MINI Coupe Cooper S

MINI Coupe Cooper S in Red

As we move into along the list of cars its time to introduce a newbie to the market: The MINI Coupe. I went to the launch party and ended up quite drunk and hitting on the promo girl. At no point did I learn anything about what the car is like to drive. (For that, read here). Now, CAR are handing it over to Deon Joubert in Cooper S guise to see how it does. Continue reading

First Drive – MINI Coupe Cooper

A few weeks back MINI took me on an evening out where I met the really hot Heather and ended up slightly drunk. That was to reveal the MINI Coupe. Now the car is on the market and I took it for a quick drive. Thoughts after the jump. Continue reading

Chevrolet Captiva 3,0 LTZ AWD

For Oppikoppi weekend Chevrolet came on board and lent me the huge Captiva. Originally it was meant to be an Isuzu but some idiot broke it so the Captiva came in to fill the job. Surprise surprise, it was probably a better vehicle than the Isuzu!

I am going to attempt a new format of review now. As I have no clue what I am actually looking for, I am going to ask a question, then answer it. Top Gear tried it in an episode a while ago. Here goes. Continue reading

Review: Corsa Colour 1,4

Something I have noticed from watching, listening to and talking to car journos is that they tend to forget the more practical sides of buying a car. Depreciation, reliability, brand loyalty. They concern themselves with driving fast cars far too fast. However, 95% of the new car market is made up of hum-drum cars. So, on that note, I present the Corsa Colour. Continue reading