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Battle of the Police Cars

So a few weeks back I showed you Gauteng Flying Squads new cars, some brand spanking new S3 Sportbacks. Then Mercedes have their AMG SLS as the F1 safety car and Italy had their Gallardo.Now, Audi has joined the party.

Above is an R8 V10, to be used as a safety car at this weekends Le Mans race. No words on specs, but probably tuned a bit to keep those Le Mans beasts up to pace.



Cars You Hear Before You See

So our VIP, Dave, was joining in the Twitter convo earlier of which cars you hear before you see them. Now some of the cars mentioned by people were… terrible frankly. The requirement for me to put a car on the list is it must sound nice and must be road legal. Racing cars don’t count. Also, most of these cars are quiet when driving normally, its only when you belt it that they sing. List after the jump. Continue reading